Client Testimonials

"When I decided to write a testimonial for you, I wanted to stop and think how long we have know each other: That's very important. Really valid and trustworthy opinions of people's business ethics aren't formed in a short time. I first became acquainted with you and Susan when I attended a steak dinner you gave for prospects not long after we had met. The steak was good, but so were the points I needed to consider. I had just turned 65 and was beginning to think about coverage I might need in addition to Medicare. Judging from that, it's been 18 years, thanks to you both, this process was made easier and I've had great healthcare coverage. I've found your advice on insurance matters to be excellent and I know it's given with my benefit in mind., not just to sell insurance. You have earned my trust. There's little else I can say other than that last sentence. "You earned my trust" says it all. We all like to deal with someone we know, like, and trust. I can certainly recommend both of you for being that person. Thanks for doing what you do in the manner you do it."
J Stiles Burlington, NC

"When we were making final plans to retire, we were faced with the major decision of choosing the very best insurance to supplement our Medicare benefits. We had just received a multitude of advertisements from various insurance companies, trying to persuade us to use their companies, and we became very frustrated in trying to compare what each of those companies had to offer. And,then, in a casual conversation with a dear friend of ours who had retired just a few years earlier, she referred us to her insurance agents, Bill and Susan Cauthren. When we contacted them, they invited us to attend one of their seminars. They were just as wonderful as our friend had described them to be. They were so knowledgeable and so kind and gracious. We knew in just an instant that they would be able to advise us as to the perfect plan to suit our particular needs. That was seven years ago,and we are just as happy now as ever with our insurance agents. A couple of years ago,there was a discrepancy as to what the insurance company was willing to pay on a certain claim. Instead of calling the insurance company,ourselves, we called Susan Cauthren, and she arranged a three-way conference call with us, the insurance company,and herself. Instead of her being bold, stern, demanding, or rude,she was extremely kind and nice to the lady at the insurance company,and as a result,she got the situation solved in just a few minutes. It is so nice to know that,if there is ever a problem, Bill and Susan are ready and willing to help get it solved. Also, we always attend their seminar each year, at which time they explain and compare all of the benefits of the different plans available for enrollment for the next year. If we decide to change to a different plan for the upcoming year, they make an appointment for us to come to their office to enroll. If we decide not to change to a different plan, we are not required to do any thing. Bill and Susan are a wonderful, Christian couple, and they are very honest and trustworthy. We feel very blessed to have them taking care of our insurance needs!!" Mr. & Mrs. Greene Burlington, NC

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bill Cauthren of Aliant Agency in Burlington, NC over the past year, and in the process have come to know him and his company better. Bill is extremely knowledgeable on health insurance and related products that help seniors who are on Med icare, as well as anyone looking for additional coverage in the areas of dental,vision, hearing,and home Heath care insurance. If you are an individual looking to purchase these kind of products, I highly recommend Bill to you. He is truly an individual who does what he says he will do, has outstanding follow through, and impeccable integrity." " B Johnston Burlington, NC